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No electricity? No problem.

I absolutely love these light fixtures — they add so much character to our playroom. I had to share this "magic light trick" because it's super easy and allows you to put wall sconces just about anywhere. This means you can now add a wall mounted light over your nightstand, in your living room or in a hallway, without having to hardwire it. Amazing!

This lighting solution is also cost friendly (most of the cost is the cost of the fixture itself) which is great because, let's be real, I'll probably end up changing my mind one of these days... no wiring means I can take it down and fill the nail holes easily... as if it was never there :)

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Step 1:

Select your wall sconces based on your needs and style. There are SO many options out there to choose from — honestly, it's a bit overwhelming. I scoured the internet for the perfect light fixtures and found these gorgeous Pathson Antique Brass Wall Sconces.

Here were some other contenders!

Step 2: Install Mounting Plate

Determine the placement for your fixture. Because our lights are above the window seat, I wanted them a bit higher so we didn't continually hit our head on them.

Place the mounting plate on the wall where you want to install your sconce. Mark the spot. Next, mark where your screws will go. If there isn't a stud, use drywall anchors. Here's my favorite drywall anchors.

Step 3:

Install the fixture over the mounting plate and tighten using the supplied caps.

Step 4:

Install the shade and a magic light bulb. There are several different light bulb options — some even come with a remote. I used these LED Battery Backup lightbulbs. They provide up to 5 hours of light and can easily be re-charged by plugging them into a lamp. I have a floor lamp in the same room, so just swap the lights out when one needs to be re-charged.

Step 5: Turn on the light & enjoy the ambiance!

Use the small switch to easily turn the light on and off. (I have small children so was ok with the switch being tucked away as I don't want them constantly playing with it). There are other battery powered light options available. Even a magic bulb with remote, but, I knew I'd lose the remote in no time.

Voila, a beautiful wall sconce!

If you missed the links, here you go again!:

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This is a great idea, thank you!

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